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about trockenmoos

trockenmoos (eng. dry moss) is a dj- and producer platform founded in the year 2000 by gregor farkasch and chris campregher
we produce music, sounds and special soundFX for websites, spots or movies
we do field-recordings, live performances, restoring audio files
we are specialized in live recordings of accoustic instruments

Watch "Paint Your Ph.D." - Time-lapse of the 60min performance of 15 scientists painting the topic of their Ph.D. thesis with music improvisation by Paul Gulda and Marco Palewicz. (25.09.2009 @ European Researchers Night in Vienna).

trockenmoos on myspace

Gonzo Scientist "Can Scientists Dance?"



live & news

molecular code on myspace (labnoise turned into electronic beats)

releases & productions

2013 - ray shames "allesk├Ânner"                                                              2010 - ray shames "kiss the muse"
2009 - elektro g├Ânner compilation #1 "wiesenungeheuer"
2008 - live recording for amarcord wien dvd audio-production
2007 - ray shames "in meiner welt"
2005 - trockenmoos "green"
2001 - trockenmoos "special edition"
milkcrate session "15100km"